Creative Writing Club!

Third Meeting: Writers, Writers Everywhere!

This week, we wrote about doppelgängers, disco dancing in the 1980s, eating apples, some “Flash” fan fiction, and space cats! Check out pieces below by Sawyer, Oliver, Mija, and Parker!

Second Meeting

Our Second Meeting of the Creative Writing Club for Kids and Teens was super fun! We wrote about the future, prophecies, giant kittens, and Louis wow-ed us, as always, with his spectacular fashion choices (check out that blazer and fur hat!). Pieces below by Oliver and Roberto:

First Meeting!

This summer, I’m hosting a free creative writing club for kids and teens at the Morris Public Library. We had our first fantastic, fun, and silly meeting today! Thanks to Anne Hennen Barber and the Morris Public Library for hosting us! I’ll be updating this site after each meeting with some photos and pieces the club members are excited to share with the world!

We imagined our dream summers, shared the epic tales of the “not-to-smart man” and some farting cats, and learned that some of our club members do NOT like spicy burritos! Check out work by Rowan, Ellis, and Parker!

Super New London Weekend of Literary Fun!

MN friends, join us Saturday and Sunday for a super New London weekend of literary fun! Grab a Goat Ridge (root) beer and check out the fantastic new Flyleaf Book Shop:

Saturday, June 24: the New London Story Show, 3 p.m. Goat Ridge Brewery, $10

Sunday, June 25: Reading & Book Talk by Chrissy Kolaya followed by an Open Mic for All Ages, 3 p.m. Goat Ridge Brewery, FREE! Kids welcome and encouraged! Bring a story or poem to share, or write something while you sip on a Goat Ridge Root Beer! We’ll have prompts and things to write with should the inspiration strike! Note: getting up to the mic is not a requirement!

Uncertainty in Science and Society

A giganto thank you to The Measure of Everyday Life – WNCU for devoting a whole episode to Charmed Particles and the big question of how we wrestle with uncertainty in science and society.

You can listen at the link below, but really you should subscribe to this podcast because it’s amazing! High fives to Brian Southwell, Karla Jimenez, McCall Wells, and Marina Poole!

Uncertainty in Science and Society: What exactly is uncertainty? How do people deal with this concept in science and in their everyday lives? Novelist Chrissy Kolaya joins us to discuss the idea of uncertainty as it relates to her novel, Charmed Particles, which explores public attitudes towards science and the fear of the unknown.

Chicago Tribune and Orlando Sentinel Piece

Thrilled to have this piece on Charmed Particles in the Chicago Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel. Thanks to Jeremy Mikula for a great story, with links to the Trib’s original coverage of the SSC controversy. And for anyone interested in the real story behind the Superconducting Super Collider, a great shout out here for Adrienne Kolb and co-authors’ Tunnel Visions.

Chicago Tribune photo

Thanks to Brian Nguyen for the pic!

Starred Review in Booklist!

Jumping-on-the-bed excited to share the news that with just a few weeks until its publication date, Charmed Particles has received a starred review from Booklist’s Donna Seaman.

For all of you non-book-industry types, this is sort of like the fashion equivalent of getting a thumbs-up from (a much nicer version of) Anna Wintour, or if sports is your thing, then like having Bobby Knight NOT throw a chair at you. So excited!

The review appears in this month’s Spotlight on First Novels issue.

Here’s what she had to say:

Charmed Particles.

Kolaya, Chrissy (Author)
 Nov 2015. 272 p. Dzanc, paperback, $15.95. (9781938103179).

Ambitious theoretical physicist Abhijat is consumed by his quest for new discoveries at the National Accelerator Research Lab outside Chicago, leaving his wife, Sarala, fresh from Bombay, largely alone as she tries to adjust to the strange quiet of small-town American life while caring for their highly intelligent daughter, Meena. Rose traveled the world with her explorer husband until returning home to this former farming community to raise their daughter, Lily, a true prodigy, while Randolph continues his expeditions. On the foundation of these parallel households, debuting novelist Kolaya adeptly builds a magnetizing, deeply perceptive tale of the clash between outsiders and insiders, personal obsession and family, tradition and change, dream and delusion. Writing with bright tenderness, piquant humor, and supple wisdom, Kolaya emulates, ever so subtly, the fleet dynamics of particle physics as she orchestrates a mesmerizing plot of revelation and adaptation. As the two brainy girls bond, the two marriages come under strain, and the town and the lab face off over plans for a Superconducting Super Collider, Kolaya investigates urgent questions of ignorance and fear, authenticity and deceit, of bridging gaps between cultures and individuals, and of recognizing and embracing what truly matters.