Fifth Annual Prairie Gate Literary Festival

Hooray! A week from tomorrow we kick off the 5th annual Prairie Gate Literary Festival, this year featuring amazing poet Vandana Khanna, creative nonfiction writer John Hildebrand, science fiction and fantasy writer Emma Bull, literary translator Ebba Segerberg, and triple threat (young adult writer, nonfiction writer, and literary agent) Eric Smith. Lots of free readings open to the public. If you’re in MN or nearby, think about making the drive out to Morris, and while you’re here you can grab a best-in-the-state grilled cheese at Don’s Cafe! Everything you need to know here.

Playlist Suggestions

Hey gang, I’m putting together a playlist for an upcoming Largehearted Boy piece on Charmed Particles (one of my longtime writer dreams come true!) and to play before/after my upcoming launch events. Who’s got suggestions for me? Hit me with your best songs re: physics, suburbia, Mary Kay ladies, local politics, gentlemen explorers, encyclopedias, cultural assimilation, novelty convenience foods, living history facilities, and/or the kind of music baby genius high school girls would have been into circa 1989.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • “Particle Man,” They Might Be Giants
  • “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” the Monkeys
  • “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want,” the Smiths
  • “I Envy the Photons,” the Lesser Birds of Paradise
  • “Atomic Power,” Uncle Tupelo
  • “Supercollider,” Radiohead

I can’t wait to see what you guys suggest!

New work

Three old poems (though new to the world!)—about getting caught in the rain at Comiskey, driving through the middle of the night, and all of the crummy-ness that comes with long-distance relationships—up at a cool new journal. Thanks, good people of The Wolf Skin, for giving them a happy home! You can check them out here.

“Poetry in the Words Left Behind”


Many thanks to Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness for interviewing me for her award-winning book blog! You can read the interview here.

If you ever wish you had a smart, sensible, funny person who’d tell you what to read, this is the blog for you! You can learn more about Kim and Sophisticated Dorkiness here, and keep an eye out for her dispatch from this year’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!