The World Ahead Project

You guys! I’m super excited to share this! I’m working on a new collaboration with book artist Rachel Simmons and wanted to share a peek at our work in progress!

Here’s a description of the project: We’re all tempted, seduced by the question: what will happen next? Especially in times of anxiety and uncertainty, we crave someone or something who can tell us what’s coming. THE WORLD AHEAD is a found text, collage poem, and book arts project using text from the Economist’s The World Ahead 2023 issue, described by the magazine as a “guide to the coming year” and as “future gazing analysis, predictions and speculation.” The project, in which text from the issue is collaged and rearranged into poems and book-art objects, is an attempt to question the idea that we can ever meaningfully predict the future, that we can ever make sense and order out of an uncertain future.

The piece here is based on a poem called “A Chance of Pain,” built using text from “Cloudy with a Chance of Pain” by Roger McShane, China Editor, The Economist “The World Ahead 2023” issue, November 11, 2022.


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